How to Build Relationships with Admissions Officers

If you read the title of this post and got a shiver down your spine, a racing heart, or a tightness in your body, you’re not alone. Many students are afraid to approach professors, Build Relationships with Admissions Officers and other personnel of the college. I totally understand your pain, but if you don’t work through the fear, you’re going to miss out on the opportunity to learn something important and to make a positive impression,

So why build relationships? Three main reasons:

1) You want to be more than a number, especially in competitive college admissions. All admissions officers have is the information you have provided to them on paper. Imagine if they could get to know you personally how much of a difference it could (and does) make. You’ll be most likely to get an advocate on the admissions committee if you know someone—even if you’ve only met the person once or twice.

2) To learn the culture of the college. If you...

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Why You Need to Build Relationships with College Admissions Officers

I wrote a post on why applicants need to build relationships with college admissions officers and others at the college in order to stand out.

As I write, college admissions is NOT a numbers game, reliant on test scores only. It’s a human connection that provides an opportunity to build awareness about who you are as an applicant and what you have to offer the world. When college admissions officers know who you are, they’re going to be interested in you. They’re going to learn about your values, and assess if YOU can offer a benefit to them by attending their college/university. Students can be part of shaping that conversation by reaching out to admissions officers and professors. If students can talk clearly about what they do and why they’ll do it, they’ll have the opportunity to earn the trust and praise of college admissions officers.

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