Help! I’m stuck on my essay and advice on college essays

essay Nov 20, 2017

The college essay is one of the most painstaking aspects of the college process for many students. Remember, most of the time, the college essay will not be great if you don’t get any feedback. So don’t keep it all to yourself. If you get stuck, just do the following steps: 

Help! I’m stuck on my essay and advice on college essays

•       Just start. Turn off your cell phone and computer. Pull out a pen and paper. Write for 15 minutes once per day for a week. Don’t be surprised if the topic comes to you in a surprise inspiration while in your writing session.

•       Get a brainstorming buddy. A college counselor or friend who knows you well can help you come up with topics if you’re having trouble getting started.

•       Don’t over-edit your essay. If you follow one of the systems to write your essay, you will get it done to...

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How to Write Your Common App Essay in 7 Steps

It may not be what you want to hear, but it’s true. The only way to make your essay great is by taking a deep dive into yourself. Admissions officers want to know how you work. Particularly, what motivates you and what you’ve learned along the way in life so far.

The Common App essay helps admissions officers get to know you and your worldview.

Taking a deep dive into yourself is easier said than done. The good news is, you don’t have to take the dive alone and without support.

Follow these 7 steps to complete your essay, and the deep dive will happen along the way:

1. Compare your 7 Common App prompt options. Which prompt strikes you as most like you? I wrote a blog on the strengths and pitfalls of the essay topics to help you make a choice.

2. Assess your strengths. You can use a free survey (you have to register your email) like the VIA survey.  After learning about your strengths, answer for yourself: What’s an example of a scenario...

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How to Write An Essay that Kills (advice on college essays)

Standup comedians either “kill” (win over audiences) or flop (get no laughs, or get booed). While the reaction of the admissions officer may not be so dramatic, their reaction will fall somewhere on the spectrum between “kill” and “flop.” 

There are three components How to Write An Essay that Kills Or advice on college essays.

1) Clear Context. Have you ever picked up a book and turned to page 53 out of 200? No one usually does – why? Because you the reader won’t understand what happened before or what will happen after without some kind of introduction. This introduction orients a reader to what’s going on. Similarly, you need to make sure your essay is understood by an outside reader without asking a lot of questions about how and why this story came to be.

2) Persuasive voice. Many students fall into the trap of finding the “smartest” sounding words in the dictionary without an...

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