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As a college application coach for Ivy League and elite colleges, students ask me all the time how to assess their chances to get into a particular college. What I tell them is that we can use data, both quantitative and qualitative, to help us figure this out. In conjunction with Naviance, I use AdmitSee data to help students find colleges that fit their goals.

I'll even help you assess your chances through my bootcamp... 

AdmitSee works extremely well for finding students whose background and experiences are similar to yours. For example, let’s say you’re an avid Girl Scout or Eagle Scout. You can type “Eagle Scout” in the search bar and see profiles of students who are Eagle Scouts and where they go to college, what their scores are, and what they wrote about for their essays.

The idea of looking up other Eagle Scout profiles is not to perfectly copy another student’s essay or activities but to get a good idea of what types of schools have been especially welcoming to students with a background as an Eagle Scout. Rather, viewing other students’ college lists can help you come up with new schools to add to yours. While I never suggest copying another student’s essay topic, reading other students’ essays can help you come up with your own topic and see how writing styles vary from student to student.

For many students whose profiles are on AdmitSee, you can also see demographic characteristics, such as geography, race/ethnicity, and gender. Finding students who share your background characteristics is useful since colleges will use your high school and closest geographic area as a “micropool” when evaluating and selecting students for admission. In addition, many colleges consider your background characteristics to ensure that they draw in a diverse student body.

The last way I use AdmitSee is as a tool for providing advice on the college application process. Many students on AdmitSee will choose to share with other readers what they did well on the application process and what they would have done differently. One student whose advice I really liked said, “don't wait till the last minute to finish your essays.” It’s a good reminder that you as applicants can get ahead of the process so that it’s less overwhelming and more productive. AdmitSee is certainly a useful tool to support you in doing that!

Next week, I’ll tell you about how I use Naviance to help students assess admissions chances!

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