How to Find Funding for College

Last week, I told you about the financial information you need to gather for the Net Price Calculator and the FAFSA. 

Now, I’ll show you a broader view of all the ways that you can get money for college:

How to Find Funding for College

Scholarship search engines: e.g. this one

Institution-based merit-aid (at specific colleges): May need to search specifics on admissions office website or on financial aid website

State-based grants (programs available through state government)
e.g. NY State; Washington State: Many states invest in their students to attend college within their home state (and sometimes other places)—so check to see what your state has available for students with your background!

External organizations: Like a workplace, for-profit company, or foundation.

A “money mentor” at NextGenVest: Or someone that can help with filling out FAFSA.

As I told you previously, scholarships are often based on merit, not on need. There are many search engines out there where you can narrow your list by all kinds of criteria, including your interests (e.g. music), gender, or race/ethnicity. You can sort the search results by award amount so that you can maximize your time-to-dollar efforts (though the more generous scholarships will be more competitive). 

Your homework: Gather a list of 5 scholarships that interest you and note their deadlines. This will help you build in scholarship applications to your college process and ensure that you are able to be considered. 

Next week, I’ll transition the conversation back to application preparation and presentation. I’ll share with you a post on making good use of your social media!

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